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This year we are aiming to provide 14,000+ students backpacks and supplies across 7 locations!
In order to execute this we need YOUR support:
  • Financial sponsorship at various levels.
  • Volunteer support at one (or more) locations.
  • In-kind event support.
  • Hosting internal supply drives

Sponsorship Levels

Community Partner, Gold ($10,000)

This sponsorship level supports 2,000 students.

Potential Assets:

  • Prominent feature in a half-page Gazette ad after event.
  • Highlighted logo recognition on all event promotions.
  • Media recognition in press releases.
  • Prominent logo feature on Backpack Bash website.
  • Opportunity for presence at locations of your choice.
  • Logo featured on event t-shirts.
  • Opportunity for prominent logo and promotional items in swag bag.

Community Partner Silver ($5,000)

This sponsorship level supports 1,000 students.

Potential Assets:

  • Highlighted logo recognition on all event promotions.
  • Opportunity to put promotional materials in swag bag.
  • Media recognition in press releases.
  • Logo on Backpack Bash website.
  • Logo featured on event t-shirts

Location Partner ($2,500)

This sponsorship level supports 500 students.

Potential Assets:

  • Opportunity to put promotional materials in swag bag Logo on event website.
  • Company name listed on event t-shirts.
  • Featured logo & Opportunity for presence at one location

Consider the impact your business, church, or organization can have on nearly 10,000 local families working to keep their kids engaged in school in 2021. For more information on financial support or sponsorship, contact Elizabeth at . For more information on event support, collection drives, or volunteer opportunities, contact Emma at .

If you’re ready to become a sponsor, click the donate button below. All sponsorship payments are due by July 1st.

Donate through

Pikes Peak United Way

Please note – when you visit the PPUW page, you will scroll down to find the Backpack Bash sponsorship option.

Donate through


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