Backpacks Needed

What do we need?

This fall the Backpack Bash hopes to serve close to 12,000 students in El Paso County. To accomplish this, we need your help! Our biggest donation needs from the community are new, unused backpacks. Please consider supporting the Backpack Bash through the donation of backpacks.

**Highest Priority: Elementary/Middle & High School Backpacks**

How to Host a Collection Drive:

1. Pick a 2-4 week period between June 1 and July 19 that works best for you.

2. Determine a prominent location to set the drop-off box.

3. Communicate about the drive via social media, in-house emails, e-blasts, and other channels. Consider ways to make it fun/more compelling to donate!

4. Plan to bring your full collection of items to COSILoveYou’s warehouse no later than July 22, 2024 – or call COSILoveYou to arrange a pick-up!

*COSILoveYou will provide all the signage needed for the donation drives, just let us know what would be helpful. We can provide printed and digital assets.*

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